Any business can benefit by outsourcing several different types of office services – and Signature Financial can help. We can provide many “virtual assistant” services to help your office run smoother.

Live Answering Service

When you are out of the office, route your calls to Signature Financial for live messaging. We answer the phone, efficiently take any messages, pass along personal messages you have left for certain callers, and even assist the caller when possible.

More professional than an answering machine – there is always someone “in your office” to take that call, even when you are not. With Signature Financial virtual assistant services, you have a live person answering your calls 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

We can also handle other telephone-related tasks including follow-up and reminder calls for customers and clients. We can even schedule, track, and remind you of your own important dates and appointments!

Correspondence/Report Preparation

Signature Financial can help you write and send business letters, prepare business reports and tender documents, create customized contracts and agreements, even do Internet searches to find certain information you require. If need be, Signature Financial can become your complete document management service.

Organizational Duties

Every-day business sometimes requires non-business related tasks. For example, simply attending an out-of-town convention involves pre-registration, booking flights, arranging car rentals, and finding accommodations. Or perhaps your business is growing, and you need help arranging the move to a bigger office. Signature Financial will be there to make to the arrangements and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Complete Office Support

Signature Financial can assist in other aspects of your business or office management. Call or e-mail us anytime with a description of the office support you need, and we will put together a proposal that integrates seamlessly with your office workflow.

Contact Signature Financial to find out how our virtual assistant services can help you at a fraction of the cost of an internal position.